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The Tenders Board is supported by a Procurement Division established within the Ministry of Finance under the overall direction of the Financial Secretary or the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Finance.

The functions of the Procurement Division include but are not limited to the following:

  • providing policy advice and secretarial support particularly to ensure compliance with the Instructions;
  • providing assistance and support to procuring agencies in improving their procurement systems and procedures;
  • enabling the development and delivery of training programs for procuring entities;
  • monitoring the application of the Government’s procurement policies and principles and advising the Board on improvement measures;
  • improving transparency and decision making, through ensuring the provision of relevant and approrpriate documents supporting contract award;
  • establising executing agency accountability and risk responsibility at the outset and generally promoting initiatives for imrpoved quality assurance through risk assignment, technical diligence, internal audit and internal control

Contact Details: +685 34319, 34418, 34420



To ensure there are no delays to the processing of tender submissions, all Ministries and Public Bodies are requested to plan their procurement of goods, works and services ahead to guarantee the following are observed and adhered to:

  1. Any invitations for tendering to be closed with the Government Tenders Board are closed on Mondays on or before 11.00am so that tenders are opened by the Board immediately after. For public holidays that fall on a Monday, Ministries and Public Bodies are advised to seek the assistance of the Secretariat for an appropriate date to close and open the tenders.
  2. Electronic submissions of tenders (IFB, IFT, ITQ, RFQ, RFP) through email are not permitted under the Treasury Instructions: Section 6 Part K and Government Procurement Guidelines for the purposes of confidentiality and security of tenders unless approved by the Tenders Board.
  3. A procuring entity (ministry/public body) is hereby strongly advised that it is prohibited to submit a tender on behalf of the bidder. It is the sole responsibility of a bidder to ensure its tender reached the designated location prior to the closing date and time.
  4. In the event a procuring entity wishes to extend the deadline of the closing date of a particular tender, the Tenders Board’s Secretariat must be informed accordingly through email.
  5. A copy of the tender document for proposed tendered works, goods or services reviewed and cleared by the Office of the Attorney General must be submitted to the Tenders Board’s Secretariat for publication on the Ministry of Finance website, for preparation of tender boxes and for record keeping.


Ministries and Public Bodies are advised that Evaluation Reports/Submissions brought to the Tenders Board for its consideration are to reach the Secretariat no later than 12.00noon on the Thursday of the week prior to a meeting day.

The evaluation reports must be detailed and comprehensive to provide in depth knowledge to the Tenders Board for its review and consideration. It also must be signed by all members of the evaluation committee which consists of a chairperson (procuring entity), representative from Ministry of Finance, and a representative from the Office of the Attorney General. Technical assistance may be present to provide assistance as observers but not as evaluators.


The Chief Executive Officer together with technical personnel with special knowledge or expertise and vast understanding of the project or tendered works, goods and services must attend to present and explain the evaluation reports or variation reports to the Tenders Board and address any queries that may arise as per FK (17)06 dated 01 March 2017.


Pursuant to section K.2.2.3 of the Treasury Instruction, Government Ministries and Public Bodies as ‘Procuring Entities’ are required to prepare and submit to the Ministry of Finance the Quarterly Procurement Progress Report of each project/procurement providing progress updates containing at least the following:

  1. Comparison of the plan targets with progress;
  2. Comparison of contract execution time and post contract execution obligation.

In light of the above, all Procuring Entities whose projects/procurements have been endorsed by the Tenders Board/Cabinet are required and directed as follows:

  1. To submit Procurement Progress Reports of all active and current projects/procurement undertaken by each respective Procuring Entity as at 30th June 2020 to the Ministry of Finance for the Tenders Board information by Friday, 31st August 2020 at 4.00pm.
  2. To continue to provide Quarterly Procurement Progress Reports of each current project/procurement for the Tenders Board record and information by the first week of the month after the quarter.


All procuring entities (line ministries and public bodies) are obligated to submit copies of contracts (signed) for publication of tender award results on the Ministry of Finance website as per the usual requirement and for transparency purposes