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Standard Tender Documents & Templates

Government of Samoa

The following documents shall be used together with appropriate references to Government’s Treasury Instructions Part K (Amended 2016) and Guidelines for Government Procurement and Contracting Guidelines (Goods, Works & General Services and Consulting Services):


  • WORKS (Contract Values exceeding SAT $150,000.00 and SAT $200,000.00 in the case of Public Bodies)

Works are generally concerned with general construction and construction and maintenance of physical infrastructure, within the general sectors of transportation (roads & bridges; airports; ports & harbours) water supply & sanitation; power; irrigation, to name a few examples.

In terms of complexity, they can range from simple, labor based maintenance to more complex, capital intensive infrastructure development.

Download: SBD Works 2020

  • GOODS & RELATED SERVICES (Contract Values exceeding SAT$100,000.00)

The procurement of Goods and Related Services (GRS) embraces a multitude of supply requirements across numerous development sectors and operational contexts which includes but is not exclusive of information technology and communications, health, education, agriculture, infrastructure (transportation, water supply and sanitation, power generation and distribution), mobile plant and vehicles, manufacturing and machinery maintenance.

The nature of Goods may vary from very  simple described objects, supplies and commodities to highly technical complex and very costly aerospace vehicles and process/ manufacturing equipment.

Related Services usually are a relatively minor portion of GRS supply requirements but are none the less important in enabling the final effective use of the Goods, in the form of installation/commissioning, testing, training, production of operation and training materials and maintenance.\

Under Review

  • GENERAL SERVICES (Contract Values exceeding SAT$100,000.00)

General Services, otherwise known as non-consulting services, embrace a multitude of activities which do not fall within the other conventional procurement categories of Goods and Related Services, Works and Consulting Services. The Application section in the Preface explains the scope of activities which are covered under general services.

In terms of complexity, they can range from simple, labor based grounds and facilities maintenance, agricultural land preparation and crop production tasks, vehicle maintenance, community health and vaccination programs, statistical data collection through to complex management multitasking for building assets and hospital facilities.

Download: SBD General Services 2020

  • CONSULTANCY SERVICES (Contract Values exceeding SAT$50,000.00)

Consulting services are commonly provided by academically qualified professionals as individuals or private and public entities: for example, management and engineering consulting firms, construction and project managers, academic & research institutions, non-government organisations, and Government agencies. Such are engaged to provide specialist services to Government implementing agencies, in various areas such as policy development, project planning, auditing, procurement coordination & inspection, institutional reform, engineering design, construction supervision, social and environmental impact studies. Consultancy contracts may be either short term (e.g. up to six months) or long term (e.g. a year or more). Such services are acquired using this SRFP document.

Alternatively, general (or non-consulting) services address a wide range of more physical requirements ranging from many types of simple maintenance (grass cutting, cleaning, rubbish removal and sanitary disposal) to complex specialist testing and building assets maintenance – these are the subject of the Government Standard Tender Documents for Procurement of General Services.

Under Review​​​​​​​


  • MINOR WORKS (Contract Values not exceeding SAT$150,000.00)

This procedure applies to written quotations for WORKS  procurement, which may include construction, rehabilitation or maintenance of simple works as may be required for example for local roads/ access trails, community water supplies, minor buildings and electrical supply lines/ wiring

This procedure should generally apply to technically simple, low cost works requirements which can be provided by  in-country contractors, preferably commencing within two weeks

Download: RFQ Minor Works

  • GOODS & RELATED SERVICES (Contract Values not exceeding SAT$100,000.00)

This procedure applies to written quotations for GOODS & RELATED SERVICES procurement, in which

  1. “Goods” are minor equipment/ appliances/ tools, operating & maintenance supplies (e.g spare parts, tyres, stationery) and commodities (e.g. fuels, raw materials, perishable foodstuffs)
  2.  “Related Services” are freight, insurances, customs clearing, transport & handling, inspection, testing & commissioning, training, preparation of guides & manuals

This procedure should generally apply to technically simple, low cost requirements with supply lead times from placement of order not exceeding eight weeks.

Download: RFQ Goods & Related Services

  • GENERAL SERVICES (Contract Values not exceeding SAT$100,000.00)

This procedure applies to written quotations for GENERAL SERVICES procurement, which may include:

  1. garbage & sewage collection; cleaning; landscaping, lawn mowing  and gardening, vehicle servicing, printing layout, topographical, set out & cadastral surveying; soil sampling; materials testing;
  2.  services involving manual or labor based skills with relatively minor materials inputs

This procedure should generally apply to technically simple, low cost requirements which can be provided in-country service providers, preferably commencing within two weeks.

Download: RFQ General Services