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The Tenders Board is supported by a Procurement Division established within the Ministry of Finance under the overall direction of the Financial Secretary or the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Finance.

The functions of the Procurement Division include but are not limited to the following:

  • providing policy advice and secretarial support particularly to ensure compliance with the Instructions;
  • providing assistance and support to procuring agencies in improving their procurement systems and procedures;
  • enabling the development and delivery of training programs for procuring entities;
  • monitoring the application of the Government's procurement policies and principles and advising the Board on improvement measures;
  • improving transparency and decision making, through ensuring the provision of relevant and approrpriate documents supporting contract award;
  • establising executing agency accountability and risk responsibility at the outset and generally promoting initiatives for imrpoved quality assurance through risk assignment, technical diligence, internal audit and internal control

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Telephone +685 34319, +685 34418, +685 34420

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