Samoa DNA Structure


The DNA involves a number of Samoan stakeholders: The MOF is hosting the DNA and the DNA Secretariat, and the DNA Board is composed of the CEOs from MOF, MNRE, RDIS, EPC and a representative of the private sector.

The organizational structure of the DNA consists of the following:

  • The DNA, the CEO of MOF.
  • The DNA Board
  • The DNA Secretariat will be the Energy Unit of the Economic Policy and Planning of MOF

CEO of the Ministry of Finance as Designated National Authority

The CEO of the Ministry of Finance has been appointed as the DNA for Samoa by authorization from the DNA Board as mandated by the Cabinet of Samoa Government. The DNA is the person authorized by Samoa Government to sign LOAs and LONs.


According to the authorization by the National DNA Board as mandated by the Cabinet of Samoa Government, the National DNA Board is provided with the authority to issue binding recommendations to the DNA to issue LOA and LON upon request from project developers. The National DNA Board is envisaged to meet regularly or on a case by case schedule, depending on the amount of requests received by the DNA secretariat. The meetings of the National DNA Board will follow the existing meeting procedure and will also accommodate the procedures for issuing LOA and LON. The National DNA Board consists fo the following members:

  •  The CEO of the MOF (who is also the DNA)
  • The CEO of the MNRE
  • The CEO of MWTI
  • The CEO of MAF
  • CEO of MWCSD
  • CEO of SROS
  • CEO of MCIL
  • General Manager of EPC
  • Attorney General of AGO
  • CEO of LTA

In case a request for a LOA/LON is not supported by all members of the board, the DNA Board reaches a decisions based simple majority by the attending members.


The DNA Secretariat is the body charged with the day-to-day management of the tasks of the DNA of Samoa. The DNA Secretariat is incorporated in the Ministry of Finance (MOF). The DNA Secretariat is the official point of contact for external entities and individuals wishing to discuss matters of the operation of the DNA will also be requested to liaise with the DNA Secretariat, who will then act on behalf of the DNA or involve the DNA and/or the National DNA board as appropriate.

The DNA Secretariat will prepare all necessary documents and undertake necessary preparatory work prior to National DNA Board meetings, such as liaison with project proponents to undertake any clarification needed in order for the National DNA Board to decide whether or not to recommend a LOA/LON to be issued by the DNA on the proposed CDM project.


In order to be registered by the CDM EB as a CDM project, the Project developer must demonstrate and document beyond any reasonable doubt that the project will lead to lasting reductions in the emissions of green house gasses that would not occur in the absence of the project. The documentation of this should take place by fulfilling a Project Design Document (PDD) for which mandatory standard templates are issued by the CDM EB. The PDD must prior to presentation for the CDM EB be verified by a designated operational entity (DOE), already authorized by the CDM EB to perform this verification (auditing).

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