Key Features & Objectives


  • Fulfilling the role as the Samoan Designated National Authority under the Kyoto Protocol, thereby establishing a national point of contact and cooperation with the international community on matters of the CDM projects, including the UN system for validation and registration of CDM projects and verification of emission reductions and issuance of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs)
  • Issuance of Letters of No Objection for potential Samoan CDM projects based on application following the standards in this manual.
  • Issuance of Letters of Approval for Samoan CDM projects as a prerequisite for registration of the project by the EB CDM.
  • To a limited extent the DNA will perform dissemination activities on CDM rules and procedures.
  • The DNA is a government function fulfilled by the MOF CEO.

The administrative work will be undertaken by the DNA Secretariat placed in the MOF EU, while the decision making process will take place in the DNA Board.


  • To support and facilitate investments in clean energy facilities and energy savings that will lead to reductions in the emissions of the 6 green house gases regulated by the Kyoto Protocol thereby mitigating climate change. IN accordance with the aim of the KP, the goal of the DNA is also to support transfer to Samoa of cleaner energy technologies that would not be implemented in the absence of the financial contribution from the selling of CERs, carbon credits.
  • To comply with this requirement of the KP, thereby establishing the necessary national link for CDM projects to be approved by the EB CDM by issuance of Letters of Approval. As a subordinated purpose the DNA will, upon request and provided that the project fulfills the relevant criteria, issue Letters of No Objection, stating that the potential CDM project is expected to generate emission reductions that would not occur in the absence of the project. The issuance of LON will contribute to the goal of the DNA by facilitating the project owners efforts to present the project to potential buyers of CERs at an early stage of project preparation.
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