CDM Project Approval Procedures


 The main line of activities to be covered by the DNA Secretariat is described in the below flow chart.

1. Document 1 is the request for issuance of a LOA(or LON) from the DNA by the Project Proponent. The request is to be sent from the Project Proponent to the DNA Secretariat according to the DNA requirements using the format and including the required attachment.

2. Document 2. The DNA Secretariat sends a notice of meeting with attachments including the request for a LOA/LON, to all members of the National DNA Board, including a proposal for a recommendation by the National DNA Board for issuing or not of the LOA/LON.

3. The National DNA Board meeting is held and the decision for a recommendation is logged in the Protocol of the National DNA Board and brought in to the DNA Secretariat for drafting of minutes of meeting to be posted to all National DNA Board members for signing before issuing a response to the request for LOA/LON.

4. In accordance with DNA Secretariat administrative procedures, the DNA may during or after the National DNA Board meeting sign the LOA/LON or refusal to issue such document in accordance with the binding recommendation stated by the National DNA Board. IF a LOA is signed based on the recommendation of the National DNA Board, the DNA Secretariat shall submit the LOA for Cabinet endorsement.

5. Document 3. Upon endorsement by the Cabinet, the DNA Secretariat will then post the letter to the Project Proponent.

Created on : 21/09/2010  
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